While our Football A Team was continuing its preparations for the match to be played against Gençlerbirliği on our field in the 30th week of the Super League, our Sportive Director Emre Belözoğlu came together with the press members at our Fenerbahçe Can Bartu Facilities after the training.

Explaining the content of the decision made regarding Caner Erkin’s return to the team, Emre Belözoğlu, our Sportive Director, said, “We had to make a decision about Caner. We sat with our president, manager friends and our teacher and Caner joined us. He used the necessary sentences in front of the team and conveyed that he was sorry. We know Caner, we know that the inside is one. Caner has never been someone with plans in the back of his head. he was uncomfortable with this situation, he was upset. used the expressions.

Stating that Caner Erkin has reached a certain age and should pay attention to some of his behaviors, Emre Belözoğlu continued as follows:

“Due to our position, we need to consider Fenerbahçe’s interests rather than personal relationships. We made a decision in line with the interests of Fenerbahçe, we believe that we will get the reward. Caner was uncomfortable and upset with the environment that he did. We love Caner, we know how well he is from Fenerbahce. I thank our president and our teacher again. Erol Bulut, our leader here in Samandıra, has said this before. If we find a middle ground, our ideas may be separate, but our priority is to fulfill the wishes of the teacher. Therefore, the teacher wanted Caner to be with us. Caner also had to take a step. “

Our Sports Director Emre Belözoğlu stated that they did not set the agenda about the news about his resignation in the public opinion.

Emphasizing that he made a promise to Fenerbahçe and our President Ali Koç, Belözoğlu said, “I am Fenerbahçe, I set out with Fenerbahçe and Ali Koç. I will continue to make an effort and work here to make me happy. ” he spoke.

“Making these perceptions on me, harming the club is a situation that I am used to in my footballing period, but we have to answer because of my position. Therefore, I do not want to talk too hard. First of all, I made a promise to our president. All my football players, my teacher, here is the union of fate with us. we are with everyone that I do, I represent, to the end. Whatever the result. “

Emre Belözoğlu stated that our team longed for the championship for a long time and that this situation caused them to see each match as a final, “We also experienced this situation. We saw each match in the final in 2014-2015, even though we were champions 1 year ago.

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