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Help & FAQ

My Profile

How do I change my Password?

1.Under “My Profile”, click “Edit Profile”.
2.Click on the “Change Password” link in My Account info block.
3.Enter your new password, retype it in the appropriate boxes and click on the “Update” button.

How do I make changes in my profile?

1.Under “My Profile”, click “Edit Profile”.
2. You can make changes by using the drop down lists next to each criteria.
3. Click the “Save” button when you’re done.

Will my profile be reviewd before being posted?

Yes, at a administrator will review your and other submitted photos to ensure they are testful and not lude
We reserve the right to delete your Profile:
If the text in the profile is offensive and contains abusive, or discriminatory language
If photos containing copyrighted or pornographic material
If you are found to be harassing another member
If you are posting or sending out messages that contane commercial or advertiseming content with the intent to make personal profit.
If the person in the picture is not the person who created the profile. (Fake profile )

When will I be shown on the search results?

Your profile will be shown on the search results shortly after your profil has been approved

Can personal information be added to my profile?

No! You may not add any personal contact information. Phone numbers, addresses, license plate numbers, e-mail or website addresses or any other information deemed inappropriate by administrators.

My Photos

How can I upload a photo?

You can upload up to 20 Photos . Photos should be larger than 200x200pixels and less than 5MB in file size Also the file must be a JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or TIFF file.

1. Under “My Profile”, click “Upload Photos”.
2. Click on the “Browse” button to choose the photo from your computer.
3. Once you choose the photo, click on “Open”.
4. Then click on the “Click Here to Upload Photo” button.
5. Click the “Save” button when you’re done.

Will my picture(s) need to be approved?

Yes! We reserve the right to rate or decline any photo. A profile’s Main Photo must be a clear image (i.e. entire body, and/or face). Do not use photos that include other people or text showing personal contact information. Photos containing minors, animals, or copyrighted images will be rejected.

How long does it take have my Picture(s) approved?

All images will go through our administrator for review and may take a maximum of 72 hrs to get approved.

When will I be shown on the search results?

Your profile will be shown on the search results straight after it was approved

Site Features

How do I search for friends on

The Quick Search contains three main search boxes:
Basic Search – This feature allows you to search based on terms such as age, relationship, and the presence of a photo.
Advancen Search – The feature allows you to add additional parameters to yor search, allowing you to filter through profiles that you might not want to see.
Username Search – Search for another member by their Username (for example: bigboy77 or Wildcat23)

What is Perfect Matches option?

For this option to work, you must first complete your search crtiera page.
Click on the Search tab at the top of your Home page
Click ont he „Perfect Match”
Click on the Edit Perfect Match Settings to refine you search criteria.

How do I stop someone from contacting me?

If you’d like to stop somebody from winking at you or messaging you, you’ll need to block the user. To block the user from contatcting y ou, you’ll need to either click on the block user button located within the users email or on the users profile. The user that you have selected or blocked, will now be listed within in your Blocked User List and will no longer be able to contcat you using

How do I see who has viewed me?

Click on the „My Lists” tab at the top of your Home page
Click ont he „My Visits”, it will show you a list of members that have viewed your profile.

How can I Add/Remove a user to Favorites

To add a user to your favorites list, you’ll need to go to the users profile page and click on the Add to Favorites button.
To remove a user from your favorites list, you’ll need to go to your favorites folder. click on the user you want to remove and click “remove favorite” from the left side

How do I delete messages?

To remove your messages:
Click on the messages tab at the top of your Home page
Find the member you want to remove
Click on the X next to each unwanted message
Click delete checked button

How can I send a message?

Free Members can send and respond oly to Premium Members.
You can send messages to any user on the site if you have a full membership.
To send a message, you’ll need to click on the Mail icon with in your profil page.

How long before my messages are deleted from my mailbox?

Free users havea 60 day limit unitl an email is deleted.
Gold users have no limit

Can I save my messages to my desktop?

As a subscriber you can click Click on the „messages” tab at the top of your Home page
Select a message(s) Click on the Save as File button

Membership and Billing

What is the difference between free Member and paid member?
Free Member

The basic service is free. You will be able to create a profile, upload photos, search for other singles, send and reserve winks, receive mails. Responding to email messages is limited. Free Members can send and respond oly to Premium Members. Emails are only viewable for 60 days. Use the Advanced Search function. Daily limits: 10 results per request, 10 queries from 1 IP per day.

What is the Paid (Gold) Membership benefits?

All the features of a standard (free) membership plus:
Unlimited access for all mail and wink messaging with members
Full Access to the sites many features and functions
Appear highligted in search results
Show up at the very TOP in searches
Send and reserve Unlimited emails
See who is flirting wit you
See who bookmarked you
Remove members from contact list
1 Year email history
Export Messages option
Invisible mode
No Graphical ads.

What are your rates for becoming a Gold Member?

1 Month $ 14,99 per month
3 Months $ 10,00 per month
6 Months $ 8,99 per month

What are your rates for extra services?
Premium Members (With Gold Members subscription only!)

As a Premium Member you’ll have the same access as a free member include the ability to send and read emails from all members. Therefore, even free members can send messages to you and can reply to your emails. Profile stands out with Premium Members icon. go to „Upgrade Now” menu and subscribe for „Allow Free Members to send you emails option”.
Price: only $4.99 per month!

Highlighted Profile

Your profile will be highlighted in all search results.
Price: only $3.99 per month!

Back to the TOP

Show up at the very TOP searches. This includes Top of each list of members.
Price: only $3.99 /month

VIP Gallery service

Stand out from the crowd! All new VIP Gallery subscribers will be placed at the very first place of the Members Homepage. This is the page you see right after logging in with your password. There are only six places in this gallery.

With each new VIP Gallery member, you will move back one position, which means that after a while you will slide off the initial page. You will then be placed in the VIP section of the search pages (Browse Members Page) This is the most popular place after the opening page.

If you happen to slide off from this page due to new VIP Gallery members, you will then be found in the third VIP Gallery, which is found at the Mailbox. It is also a quite popular place.

Your place at the VIP Gallery is not for a pre-determined period. The time of your appearance depends on how many new VIP Gallery members subscribe to the service.
Price: Only a one time fee of $6.99

How can I pay for Gold Membership?

To upgrade to a Gold Membership, log on as a Free member and click on “Upgrade Now”.
– Select a membership plan
– Select the extra services you’d like to inculde
– To activate the upgarde, click on the Pay with PayPal button.
– You’ll then be taken to a secure page on the Pay Pal site and will be asked to provide your credit card information or you can set up a Pay Pal account to make the payments.

What credit or debit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards, debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, and PayPal through our site.

How do I renew my Membership?

Recurring models are based on automatically billing the consumer on a recurring basis every 30, 60 or 180 days until the membership is cancelled. Memberships paid by Credit Card or PayPal account.

How do I cancel my paid Membership? (stop recurring billing)

Your payd Membership is a automatically recurring subscriptions with no expiration.
If you still want to stop billing go to “My Profile”, click „My Settings”. Go to „My Billing History” info block , and choose the subscription you want to cancel. Upon downgrading your account, your credit card will no longer be charged for future membership.

Please Note: Your account will remain active at full membership until your current paid period expires. Since you are given full access to your services through this expiration date we cannot prorate or refund any charges.

My Settings

How do I stop email notifications to my external mailbox?

1. Go to “My Profile”, click “My Settings”.
2. Go to „Email Notifications” info block
3. Choose the relevant option .
4. Save changes.

Where can I view my “Billing History”?

Your billing history is located in: Go to “My Profile”, click “My Settings”. select „My Billing History”
You can view your current status and when your membership and or subscriptions expires.

How do I deactivate my profile?

You can temporarily deactivate your profile. By choosing to ”hide your profile” option, your personal information is no longer visible for others.

1.Under “My Profile”, click “My Settings”.
2. Go to „Deactivate / Delete Account” info block
3. Click the „hide your profile” button.

Members will not able to search for you, contact you or invite to connect. Your paid membership is still available and you will be able to enjoy all the full facilities.

How do I reactivate my profile?

If you should decide to come back and reactivate your membership, you will be able to use your existing registration information. All you have to do is log in again.

How do I removing my profile?

If you want to permanently ‘Delete Yor Profile’ your profile. You must first Remove all Automatic Renewal Subscriptions.

1.Under “My Profile”, click “My Settings”.
2. Go to „My Billing History” info block
3. Click on “Unsubscribe”.
4. Go to „Deactivate / Delete Account” info block
5. Click the „Permanently Delete My Profile” button.
6. Click the „ Yes, delete my profile” button.

Please note: this is a permanent deletion and there is no way to restore your profile. All emails, photos, and records relating to your profile and account will be immediately and permanently deleted from our system. Unused time will be forfeited.