We transferred Sosa because we were very confident. Our teacher, our president, we wanted all together. We are also pleased with its recent performance. This is what all our fans expect from both our team and Sosa. The community is another community, Fenerbahçe is a really difficult place. It is very difficult to play football and to be a fan here. Fenerbahçe is a tough and big club, but their happiness is just as great. In Turkey, the media in the world there is such a thing. Before becoming a football player of Fenerbahçe, any football player comes here and has 10 thousand followers. His followers are 500 thousand at a time. One match plays well, everything is great, one match plays badly and gets hit from the ground. This place has dynamics. Fenerbahçe is a big place. Only great football players play here, great football players will be successful. “

“It is not very predictable to be able to calculate the efficiency of a transfer. You make a calculation about a player, you meet with the teacher, the president, the scout. You are sure of everything, one comes across the realities of the country, the facts of the league, social life and something else. Szalai and Pelkas are special. We got back very quickly. The person who made the most voice in the training as if we were playing in Fenerbahçe for years is Szalai, who joined us last. This is important in football. Our elders used to say ‘It is like a team talking among themselves, one person playing too much’. These are very exemplary players. Our goal is to invest in such young players and contribute to the economy of both Turkish football and Fenerbahçe, together with the values ​​they have cultivated. “

“While making transfer choices, we evaluate with our president, our teacher, our scout. We do not make decisions on our own, we act together. There are people who talk to us about scout, but we have no problem with anyone. If they talk something in their own way, it is not very valuable. We know what we are doing. We have no problem other than Fenerbahçe. They are not our problem anyway. Our only concern is the success of Fenerbahçe. I do not have the power to deal with someone else, I will be enough for Fenerbahçe. “

Our Sports Director Emre Belözoğlu said, “We set out on this road with our president and we will not leave him. For the success of Fenerbahçe, we make our evaluations about the choice of the football player with our teacher about the planning of the next year as much as we can. This year’s team is a strong team, we have time to plan next year’s team. We only concentrate on the championship this year. ” said.

Emphasizing that they do not think of Beşiktaş derby at the moment and that the only target in front of them is Gençlerbirliği match, Emre Belözoğlu continued his words about the condition of Mesut Özil’s injury and the photo of Mesut and Mert Hakan Yandaş in the press:

“Mesut’s injury is due to the hard blow he received. He is not a player who has suffered a lot of muscle injury throughout his career. We evaluate our players among ourselves about how and how much they represent our club in their professional life and social life, and we intervene in the players where necessary, but the players never They are not slaves of the place. They also have their own private lives. In this sense, we need to show tolerance. He goes to dinner with his football player friends at 17.00, which is closed after 19.00. I do not see any problem in this. “

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